Walk-ins are welcome, but to avoid disappointment it is a good idea to make an appointment.
Booking an appointment gives you peace of mind knowing you will be walking away with that new ink.
Scheduled appointments also gives Graham the time to understand your design needs and he can have the stencil ready to go when you arrive for your appointment. All tattoos need at least a bit of prep-work. By taking care of the prep-work before your appointment you need only be at the studio for your tattoo.


The size, placement, and complexity of the design will all factor into the cost of your tattoo. Whether you choose to have black and shading, some colour, or full on colour will also affect the cost.

Simpler and/or bolder lines take less time than finer or more complex designs.

Good colour that really pops and lasts takes time to put in, which is why colourful tattoos tend to cost more.


There is a minimum charge for tattoos, because the minimum cost of setting up for any tattoo is the same.

Apart from paying for the artist’s time and skill, and the ink they’ll use, the minimum charge needs to cover all of the following too:

  • Printer paper and ink;
  • Tracing paper;
  • Carbon paper;
  • Stencil transfer products;
  • Single-use needle;
  • Single-use tip;
  • Ink cup;
  • Gloves;
  • Clip cord covers;
  • Bottle covers;
  • Baby jelly;
  • Tongue depressors;
  • Paper towels;
  • Cling wrap;
  • Sticky Tape,
  • Cleaning up;
  • Sterilizing equipment;
  • Biomedical waste disposal.

Alpha Assassin offers a free touch-up with every tattoo. This means that the costs from the single-use needle to the biomedical waste disposal need to be covered twice by the minimum charge.


The pain experienced while getting a tattoo is very subjective and can vary from a bit of an uncomfortable scratchy feeling to a sharp stinging sensation.

Some places on the body are more sensitive than others. The ribs and solar plexus, for example, are very sensitive for most people. The outer arm and shoulder areas are commonly the least sensitive.

It is important to remember that the pain doesn’t last forever, but your tattoo will. A bit of discomfort is a small price to pay for walking away with a piece of art.